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Advocate Rights Center is a legal intake center that generates high quality mass tort and product liability intakes and retainers. Hence, our focus is top notch mass tort marketing and intake. The feedback from other law firms is that our intakes are the most accurate, complete, and comprehensive. This has led to more cases being filed on an intake-to-intake basis compared to other intake centers.

The founder, Robert Wilson, has extensive mass tort experience, as he clerked under a prestigious personal injury and mass tort attorney who serves on five Plaintiff Steering Committees, is co-lead counsel of two Committees, and is an Honorary Lifetime Member with the Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association for his work in the Fen-Phen case that many say is the benchmark for how to pursue claims in today’s mass tort field. Additionally, he wrote his law school seminar/thesis paper on FDA and consumer fraud titled. I have also generated work product in an IVC Filter and Transvaginal Mesh MDL. Robert is among the few JDs who run the marketing, intake, and training for a mass tort legal intake center, which allows for more accurate, complete, and comprehensive intakes . . . and ultimately more intakes that turn into filed cases. His passion for justice led me to pursue
a career in law, and my marketing expertise has allowed me to consult with dozens of companies and launch successful marketing campaigns. Robert graduated from the University of Arizona with a triple major in Marketing, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.
Our highly trained legal intake specialists use a meticulous screening process to gather detailed information from claimants. First, we have standard information that is retrieved from all claimants, including contact information, doctor and medical facility details, prescription drug and corresponding pharmacy details, and other data. Additionally we focus on the criteria outlined by your firm to ensure only the most relevant and qualified prospects are forwarded to you.
Our dedicated legal intake specialists undergo rigorous training, follow strict quality control procedures, and are call-monitored to ensure the information gathered is accurate, complete and comprehensive. Additionally, we have a case manager with formal legal education who works directly with the founder. All intakes are reviewed by the founder, the case manager, or both, which minimizes errors and discrepancies. Rest assured; customer satisfaction is paramount. We aim to please and take our work product personally. By entrusting your legal intake to us, your firm can focus on generating core legal work product while we handle the important yet time-consuming task of screening and qualifying prospects. This enables increased productivity and efficiency in your practice. Let us increase your intake while you win cases!
We attend the most relevant seminars and webinars, and read updates from law firms and other legal service providers that discuss the claim types we pursue. Moreover, we access legal research platforms like CaseText and PACER. We encourage you to check out our blog to see the latest trends in mass tort and product liability claims. There, you’ll also be able to read about topics legal intake specialists should be fluent in when qualifying prospective claimants. Additionally, we stay in touch with other law firms and legal intake centers, allowing us to compare notes and best business practices in this field. Finally, our intake specialists continuously undergo training as we keep them informed about the latest legal developments and trends in mass torts and product liability cases. All of this ensures that our legal intakes are accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
Getting started is simple. Reach out to our sales and service team by calling the number listed, or by completing the online contact form on our site. We’ll guide you through the onboarding process, discussing your firm’s specific needs and set up a tailored intake strategy.
To discuss a potential partnership and explore how we can generate qualified intakes for your firm, contact us through our website or call our dedicated team today. We look forward to collaborating with you to achieve your legal intake and litigation goals!

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