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LASIK surgeon, Lasik/Laser Eye Surgeon.

The LASIK surgeons at ClearSight LASIK in Plano are dedicated to providing you 20/20 vision. That’s why we are the first center in America to offer a guarantee on our LASIK! 20/20 vision or it’s free! With the best LASIK technology, we provide cutting edge LASIK eye surgery to all of Oklahoma City! 43Vision is our sister brand for people struggling with aging vision. 43Vision is a vision correction center that specializes in helping people ages 43 and up get rid of their readers and bifocals. As we age the lenses in our eyes often become rigid and cloudy, resulting in dulled and blurry vision. This is called presbyopia, which causes most people to start needing reading glasses or bifocals around Call to schedule your appointment today!

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